Be a Vendor

Photo credit: Jeri Gravlin Photo credit: Jeri Gravlin

The Sunnyvale Farmers Market is open on Saturdays from June through the middle of October from 12-4 to all produce vendors growing their product in Utah. The market also has a limited number of spaces each week for craft vendors, musicians and non-profits interested in selling, performing or conducting outreach.

Please email Aaron Lee at or 801-328-1091 with questions about restrictions and space availability. An application can be filled out free of charge online.

Vendor Guidelines

The information in the following section pertains to businesses applying to become a SFM vendor; it also serves as a reference for approved vendors seeking reminders about the criteria by which SFM screens and selects potential vendors, required licenses, definitions of products categories, and the application process itself.

Non-Discrimination: Sunnyvale Farmers Market and its vendors shall not discriminate against any worker, employee or applicant or any member of the public with respect to race, color, religion, national origin, gender or sexual orientation, age, veteran status, marital status, handicap or any other status or condition protected by federal or state law. Violation of anti-discrimination laws or behaviors deemed to violate such laws may result in eviction from the market with no refund of fees or rents paid.

Types of Vendors

  • Farmer/Grower: this category is for raw, unprocessed produce grown within 250 miles of Valley Center Park. No reselling is allowed; products must be grown or raised on the applicant’s farm or on land leased by the applicant.
  • Dealer: Any vendor who purchases ANY products or grows less than 50% of his/her own products, regardless of whether he/she is Utah based.
  • Mixed Product: Select this category if you sell meat, honey, dairy, jams and other products raised on your own farm.
  • Baked goods: These must be prepared and packaged in a commercial kitchen. The Sunnyvale Farmers Market management will only allow a certain number of baked good vendors at the market to prevent oversaturation.
  • Prepared Food: Food vendors are broken down into two categories. Packaged food products must be prepared and packaged in a certified kitchen. Prepared food vendors cook and serve on site for immediate consumption. Vendors may apply to be a full or part-time vendor.
  • Arts and Crafts: Applicants must be Utah residents, and products must be handmade locally by the applicant.
  • Non-profit: SFM welcomes non-profit vendors looking to connect their mission with customers at the Sunnyvale Farmers Market. Contact market management for information about setting up a booth or doing other outreach.


pdfDownload the complete Sunnyvale Policies & Guidelines.