About the Sunnyvale Market

Photo credit: Jeri Gravlin Photo credit: Jeri Gravlin

The International Rescue Committee, in partnership with Salt Lake County, formed the New Roots Program in 2010 and opened its first farm stand the summer of 2011 at The Horizonte Instruction and Training Center in Salt Lake City. In the years since, the program has grown to encompass more than 30 refugee farmers receiving instruction, resource access, and technical assistance on business and agriculture from New Roots and growing and selling healthy, affordable and culturally appropriate vegetables. In June 2014, New Roots moved its farm stand from Horizonte and began selling its produce on Saturday afternoons in Sunnyvale Park (4013 South 700 West). In June 2015, the market expanded into a multi-vendor affair (known as the Sunnyvale Farmers Market) to provide more produce volume and selection to residents of the Sunnyvale neighborhood. The market works with neighborhood residents and partners, like Utah State University Extension’s SNAP Education program and the Sunnyvale Neighborhood Center, to increase healthy food access and nutrition education opportunities for low-income and diverse residents.

Our Vision: Establish a farmers market in Sunnyvale Park.

Our Mission: The Sunnyvale Farmers Market is a affordable fresh food resource for residents of the greater Sunnyvale neighborhood. Our goals for the market include:

  • Improve the variety, freshness, taste and nutritional value of produce available in South Salt Lake City
  • Provide educational opportunities for producers to test and refine their product and marketing skills
  • Enhance the quality of life in the greater Salt Lake City area by providing a community activity which fosters social gathering and interaction
  • Give growers and producers of Utah agricultural products alternative marketing opportunities
  • Create a place to purchase fresh foods using EBT and other low-income-indicator benefits
  • Provide an educational forum for consumers to learn the uses and benefits of quality, locally grown or prepared food products

The Fresh Fund

The Sunnyvale Farmers Market offers a 1-to-1 incentive match to customers eligible to receive EBT/SNAP, WIC, SSI or those whose children are enrolled in the National School Lunch Program. The program, known as The Fresh Fund, works like this: Customers provide proof they are eligible for one of the previously mentioned programs (EBT card, SSI stub, WIC voucher) and the SFM will provide an extra $10 that can be used to purchase additional fruits and vegetables. Ex: A customer spends $10 at the market and they receive an additional $10 for free, in the form of tokens, that can be spent at the market, for a total of $20 in purchasing power!

The Fresh Fund is made possible by a USDA’s Food Insecurity and Nutrition Incentive grant program. Find out more about the program here.